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Why protect a predator?

How did McEachnie get away with it?

The question above stems from privilege and willful ignorance. It’s easy to be reactionary in these moments, and it’s warranted to be angry with the current situation. But as members of the UNC Charlotte community, our tweets, verbal complaints and even this article are empty performances of justice if actions don’t back them.

The university justice system is a farce that cares more about reputation than the safety of its students. Title IX does just enough to help survivors to keep them complacent.

Familiar Function

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Looking for New Restaurants in Charlotte?

Charlotte is constantly growing, and it can be overwhelming to decide which new restaurants are worth trying. Whether you are looking for a date night idea or just want to grab a drink with friends, here are all the best recently opened new restaurants in Charlotte.

Tequilas Tacos & Bar is the newest and one of the best places to get authentic Mexican cuisine in the university area. Its modest exterior hides an inside filled with vibrant, unique decor. Their staff is friendly and matches the

Daily Digest: Casino progresses despite big opposition

SAS says growth picked in Q1 after a sluggish 2020

Cary-based software giant SAS reported $3 billion in sales last year, its weakest performance in more than five years. But SAS says revenue gained 7% in the first quarter, aided by a new partnership with Microsoft, and CEO Jim Goodnight says that growth prospects for the data and analytics company are improving. The company reinvests 27% of its revenue in research and development and is making a big push in artificial intelligence. The compan

Daily Digest: Biden promotes free community college; the Triad rocks it in fast food.

Good morning. President Joe Biden made lots of proposals last night on turbocharging the U.S. economy and giving lower-income families a better chance. To some, he sounds like the second coming of Franklin Roosevelt. Others view his promises as inevitably breaking the bank given our nation’s increasing indebtedness. But one change that Biden is promoting that would seem to have some bipartisan appeal is the concept of free community college tuition, which he tags as a $109 billion, 10-year inves

Daily Digest: April 22, 2021

Good morning. Whether recipients of Payroll Protection Program forgivable loans should have to pay state tax on their windfall is a $400 million issue that is causing quite a stir among N.C. lawmakers. The press has focused on the political aspect after House Speaker Tim Moore ousted veteran N.C. Rep Julia Howard as co-chair of the House finance committee because she disagrees with Moore on the issue. Moore joins lawmakers in a majority of other states that have passed laws to spare PPP recipien

What happened to the value menu?

Over the summer, UNC Charlotte launched its Niner Diners Mobile Ordering app to prevent long lines and reduce social contact during the pandemic. However, many value items have disappeared from the app's menus over the past few months.

Erin Hutchison, director of retail of UNC Charlotte Dining services, said that she and her team work closely with the franchise restaurants on campus to provide a menu that satisfies customers and allows for social distancing.

"We did have to look at our kitchen

Daily Digest: PPD fetches $17B; BofA profit soars

North Carolina is one of only four states that have stuck to the common law doctrine of contributory negligence, as we noted last week. The state's business community is geared to fight to maintain that distinction.

Twenty-nine trade associations signed a letter organized by the NC Chamber to state senators this week that blistered Senate Bill 477, which would significantly change state law to allow some form of comparative fault. In short, the current law makes it hard for plaintiffs to collec


To better assess damaged structures in the wake of natural disasters, a UNC Charlotte research group purchased a quadrupedal unmanned ground vehicle referred to as K-Niner.

Dr. Stephanie Pilkington, an assistant professor in the department of engineering technology and construction management, leads the research group, PhDisaster. She also coordinates the majority of the K-Niner project with her graduate research assistant Sai Bharadwaj.

By the next hurricane season, Pilkington hopes K-Niner w
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