Produced Podcasts

Here are the podcasts I have had a hand in creating, maintaining and editing!

Disrupt the Dialogue

From long ago policy decisions to the ways unspoken social rules and the technology in our pockets shape our behavior, Our Dream Deferred scans across fields to find experts with deep insights into why we are the way we are as a country, how it impacts our ability to deliver the public good, and what it will take to change.

Join co-hosts Tracy Wareing Evans and Karen Heller Key, national leaders in human services, a field that works to build communities where everyone thrives. A podcast of

‎The Digital Decode

We’ve all heard the team ‘digital transformation’, but what does it really mean? The Presidio Digital Decode series provides the starting point to begin your organization's digital transformation. Through real discussions with forefront tech innovators - from CTOs to solutions architects — listeners will learn how to apply technology of the future to solve the problems of today.
Join us as our expert guests share how they’re leveraging advanced technology to tap into the limitless power of a digital future.